February 6, 2020

This ferry is the first CoCo Yachts designed ferry for Xiamen Marine Passenger and Tourist Transportation Group,

and will be sailing between Xiamen and Jinmen. The new designed Coastal Cruiser 350 will be designed

and built in accordance with the China Classification Society Rules 2017.

The hull, including the propeller tunnel, have been designed and optimized by using the in house HPC cluster, running Numeca FineMarine CFD software in order to achieve the best possible performance. Not only the resistance has been optimized for the highest possible efficiency, also seakeeping at 25 knots service speed has been optimized.

The interior design will be very comfortable for passengers, with low noise and vibrations levels, and high capacity air conditioning system. 210 Comfortable economy seats will be placed on the main deck, and 135 business class seats as well as 5 VIP seats on the upper deck. Kiosks will be located both on main and upper deck.

The aluminium high speed passenger ferries will be built at Plenty Ships – Yaguang Group in Zhuhai