Electric ferries across the English Channel? By 2030 says DFDS

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The French Minister for Foreign Trade, Attractiveness and French Nationals Abroad, Olivier Becht and CEO of DFDS, Torben Carlsen, met to discuss decarbonisation of the shipping sector and the electrification of maritime traffic across the English Channel.

DFDS commits to invest in innovation and technology and deploying a fleet of battery-powered vessels in the Eastern Channel by 2030.

Source: DFDS

DFDS: Sell & Leaseback

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To increase financial flexibility, DFDS has entered into an agreement with Navigare Capital to sell and leaseback three freight ferries: FLANDRIA SEAWAYS, HUMBRIA SEAWAYS and SCANDIA SEAWAYS.

  • Total sales price of DKK 1.46bn
  • Leasing period 5 years
  • The agreement includes a right of first refusal to purchase the ferries at the end of the leasing period.

Maritime Autonomous and Remotely Controlled Ships are in Service in the Baltic Sea

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In September 2023, two ro-ro ships, MARSHAL ROKOSSOVSKY (2021) and GENERAL CHERNYAKHOVSKY (2022), were verified and certified as maritime autonomous and remotely controlled vessels by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Both ships had passed a thorough survey in accordance with the Regulations for Classification of Maritime Autonomous and Remotely Controlled Surface Ships (MASS) developed and issued by the RS in 2020, including:

  • Autonomous navigation system installed on the ship
  • Set of communication equipment and data exchange
  • Means of navigation and maneuvering
  • Ship power plant
  • Remote control station

Upon the verifications, both vessels received MASS Statement of Compliance and were classified as semi-autonomous ships.

Simultaneously, the first Remote Operation Center built in Saint-Petersburg also passed the prescribed survey and received the appropriate Statement of Compliance to control MARSHAL ROKOSSOVSKY and GENERAL CHERNYAKHOVSKY remotely.

Ships’ main dimensions: length overall – 200 m, beam – 27 m, deadweight – 11,900, draught – 6 м, main engine – 2х6,000.


FRIJSENBORG renamed STENA FORWARDER WEDELLSBORG rumoured to be sold to a new joint venture

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FRIJSENBORG has been renamed STENA FORWARDER, confirming earlier rumours. The vessel is about to leave Port of Ostend on October 21, after having been alongside since several weeks. Destination unknown so far.

Sistership WEDELLSBORG is rumoured to be sold for approximately EUR 35 million to a new joint venture between the two Italian shipping companies Grendi Trasporti Marittimi and Finaval.

The ship, constructed by Cantiere Navale Visentini and owned by Visemar Levante, is bareboat chartered to Weco Italy (formerly Nordana) until next March when it will be delivered to the next owner.

Shipping company Finaval has been actively involved for many years in the liquid bulk business.

Grendi Trasporti Marittimi, a company part of Gruppo Grendi, as of today covers a regular maritime link between Italy-mainland (Marina di Carrara) and the Sardinia Island (Cagliari and Olbia) with a pair of time-chartered vessels.

New arrivals in Greece (2)

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On October 18, 2023, HSC BORAQ (formerly known as HIGHSPEED 3) arrived in Greece, towed from the port of Algeciras. This vessel was acquired at an auction in Algeciras last June and is set to strengthen the AML’s fleet on the Algeciras – Tanger Med route.

HSC BORAQ previously served in Greece from 2000 to 2010 under the name HIGHSPEED 3 as part of Minoan Flying Dolphins. Before entering service, it will undergo a significant refurbishment.

This vessel was originally constructed in Australia by Austal in 2000 and has a passenger capacity of 647, along with room for 72 private cars. It is capable of reaching a cruising speed of 35 knots.

Photo: Kostas Papadopoulos

Report presents the preliminary design of a 150-passenger all-electric fast ferry

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The US Federal Transit Administration released Glosten’s initial design report for the 150-passenger all-electric Foil Ferry.

In this phase, naval architects Glosten and Bieker Boats enhanced the front of the fast ferry by incorporating a wave piercer, which aims to lessen the impact of swells in Puget Sound (Seattle), resulting in a smoother ride.

The report (https://www.transit.dot.gov/research-innovation/foil-ferry-preliminary-design-report-report-0257) confirms the ferry’s design concept and highlights its significant environmental advantages and cost savings in comparison to conventional diesel-powered fast ferries.

The Foil Ferry Team is currently seeking funding for building the hull.

Port of Helsinki Q3: cargo volumes reasonable in challenging market situation, passenger traffic busy

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  • Finnish economy in slight recession, impacting cargo volume at the Port of Helsinki.
  • Passenger traffic at the Port remains strong.
  • Ville Haapasaari, CEO of the Port of Helsinki, anticipates a better future for cargo transport.
  • Total cargo traffic from January to September: 10.4 million tonnes, down 9.1% YoY.
  • Imports: 4.7 million tonnes (-13.4%).
  • Exports: 5.4 million tonnes (-8.8%).
  • Unitized cargo traffic: 8.7 million tonnes, down 9.4% YoY.
  • Container traffic down by 12.3%.
  • Wheeled traffic down by 8.1%.
  • Liner passenger traffic at the Port of Helsinki: 6.9 million passengers from Jan to Sep, up 15.4% YoY.
  • 5 million passengers on the Helsinki-Tallinn route.
  • Busy traffic to and from Stockholm, especially in the summer, with 1.2 million passengers.

Grupo Armas Trasmediterránea announced the appointment of Kent S. Hagbarth as the new CEO of the Group

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Kent S. Hagbarth is an international executive with a distinguished track record of more than 35 years in the shipping transportation Industry. Kent brings solid experience in growth and transformation in multiple executive positions. His expertise will be instrumental in guiding Grupo Armas Trasmediterránea in its next phase of growth and development. Hagbarth has spent his entire professional career at Maersk, playing a key role in cultural change and transformation to focus on client experience.

Grupo Armas Trasmediterránea entered into an agreement in April 2023 with its main creditors, including a robust group of Noteholders, in order to facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive restructuring of the Group’s capital structure and deliver its balance sheet.

The Restructuring Plan was filed in Court on 27 September 2023 and the Group is currently waiting for the homologation to become effective.