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Four Big New Ice-Class Freight Ferries For A New Swedish Shipping Company

  • WALLENIUS SOL: a new shipping company founded by Wallenius and Swedish Orient Line to cope with the increasing volumes of goods being transported from the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • Initially it is SOL’s current business that is transferred to the new company (with exception of Med and TransProCon). Bookings are redirected to SOL Continent’s website.
  • Route: Five ports in the Gulf of Bothnia – Germany (Travemünde/Lübeck) – Belgium (Zeebrugge/Antwerp) – UK.
  • WALLENIUS SOL started its operations on April 12, 2019. Main office is located in Gothenburg.
  • Initial fleet consists of five vessels: BALTICA, TAVASTLAND, THULELAND, TUNDRALAND and VASALAND.
  • The company will transport forestry products and other goods.
  • First customers to sign long-term agreements are Stora Enso and Metsä Board.
  • Four new ro-ro ferries have been ordered at the CIMC Raffles Yard in China, with a delivery planned for 2021.
  • Ice class 1A Super
  • LNG-powered, 241.7m long, 5,800 lane metre, designed by Knud E Hansen.

Enova Contributes NOK 31 Million To The Electrification Project Of Horten – Moss

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Enova is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology.

Ferry company Bastø Fosen invests in battery power for the new ferry under construction for the Horten – Moss route, with a high voltage charging station in Horten. Enova supports the project with just over NOK 31 million.

At the start, the ferry will run for 64.5% on electricity. Later on, when a charging station will also be available in Moss, the new ferry will go 100% electric. Bastø Fosen will then consider rebuilding two recent vessels, so that these too can go completely electric.

Moss-Horten annually transports 1.8 million vehicles and 3.7 million passengers across the Oslo Fjord. The new vessel will, as of January 2021, enter as one of five vessels on the connection.

SAAREMAA Will Join The STQ Fleet As Reserve Vessel

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Canadian Société des Traversiers du Québec (STQ) is in the final stage of acquiring double-ended ferry SAAREMAA.
The ferry, which still is in Germany, will be used as a reserve vessel for the route Matane–Baie-Comeau–Godbout.
She is expected in Québec in May, to start operations in July.

LNG ferry F.A.-GAUTHIER is out of service since mid-December, with two broken azimuth propellers. She is still being repaired at the Davie shipyard. The absence of this modern ferry on the lifeline routes has caused a lot of problems. She is expected to return at the end of August.

Electric Ferry To Be Handed Over To Ærø Færgerne In Early May

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The E-ferry project has seen some delays. It encountered challenges with the interconnection of different systems, which required more time than planned.
The project partners initially expected that the commissioning would take 10 weeks and last from December to mid-February. After that, berthing- and sea trials were going to take place. The delivery to Ærø Færgerne was planned for the middle of March.
Now the final testing will take place at the end of April.
Handing over to Ærø Færgerne is planed for 3 May.
After crew training the public service will start in mid June.


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ADELTE has recently installed two KRONUS boarding bridges at the new Maritime Passenger Terminal in Béjaïa, Algeria’s second largest commercial port. ADELTE was contracted in 2017 by the Port Authority of Béjaïa to design, manufacture and install these boarding bridges which are the first of its kind to be installed at an Algerian port. The new ferry terminal is designed to service ferry passengers travelling to and from various countries in the Mediterranean, like Tunisia, Italy and France.

At the Passenger Terminal in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, ADELTE has recently delivered two state-of-the art CENTAURUS passenger boarding bridges. These boarding bridges are the first of its kind to be installed at a Latin-American port. The ferry terminal is designed to service ferry passengers travelling to and from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rotterdam: Fear For Hard Brexit Created An Increase Of Ferry Freight

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In the first quarter of 2019, 5.1% more freight passed through the Port of Rotterdam than in the same period last year.

The total throughput in the breakbulk segment (Roll-on/Roll-off and other cargo) increased by 9.2% to 7.9 million tonnes. Ro-Ro traffic increased by 10.7% to 6.4 million tonnes.

Volumes increased particularly significantly in March, with the stockpiling of supplies in connection with a possible hard Brexit.


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Increase In Revenue And EBITDA But Red-Figure Net Results For ANEK

Figures 2018:

-9% ferry crossings

-7% passengers = 965,000 (1,040,000)

-7% cars = 189,000 (204,000)

-5% freight units = 132,000 (139,000)

Financial results in a nutshell:

  • Increase in turnover and EBIDTA.
  • The increase resulted from the Adriatic Sea routes as well as from vessels’ chartering to companies abroad.
  • ANEK counterbalanced rising operating costs resulting from the increase in fuel prices by approximately 25%.
  • After three consecutive years of profitability, the Group and the Parent company recorded losses after taxes. Extraordinary provisions as well as financing and investing results had a negative effect on net results and equity, which turned negative.
  • Turnover: +2.1% Group / +2.8% Parent company
  • Gross profit: +0.6% Group / -2.1% Parent Company
  • EBITDA: +14% Group / +12.1% Parent Company

Net Results: Group -13.8 million (9.8 million) /Parent Company -13.2 million (12.6

First Annual Report For Attica Group Since Integration Of Hellenic Seaways

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Attica Group consolidates for the first time Hellenic Seaways in the financial statements for the period 1.6.2018-31.12.2018.

Key figures in million €

+34,56% Revenue consolidated 365.4 (271.54)

-4.28% EBITDA 57 (59.55)

++ Income after tax and minority interests 17.11 (1.25)

· The total debt of the Group stood, as at 31st December 2018, at € 346.08mln (€ 238.73mln as at 31st December, 2017) of which long-term borrowings are € 274.50mln (€ 214.43mln) while short-term borrowings stood at € 71.58mln (€ 24.30mln).

· The Group’s total equity as at 31st December, 2018 stood at € 409.18mln, corresponding to € 1.90 per share.

· Completion of refinancing of large part of the group’s debt with significantly lower cost financial results.

· The lower EBITDA margin in 2018 is attributed mainly to the significant increase in fuel price and to the integration cost of Hellenic Seaways Maritime S.A. («HSW»).


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Onorato And ARS Altmann To Relaunch Auto Logistics Hub At Piombino Port

The Onorato Group is to build a 300,000 m² terminal for storing cars on the north dock of Piombino port.

Onorato has signed an agreement with Germany’s ARS Altmann AG, one of the leading service providers of automotive logistics in Europe, and the investment will be around €17 million.