January 30, 2020

Austal Limited has been awarded a A$15.5 million (US$10.7 million) contract for a 41m high-speed catamaran. The vessel will provide production continuity to Austal Vietnam as it completes the fabrication of a 94m ferry for a customer in Trinidad and Tobago.

The new vessel is based on an existing and proven Austal Australia designed vessel, with customer defined design modifications to be undertaken in Vietnam before construction commences there by March, 2020 with delivery approximately one year later.

Customer is SGTM, Comoros’ leading ferry company, operating three passenger vessels and two freight transport ships between the islands of Mayotte, Anjouan and Great Comoros, carrying more than 100,000 passengers annually.

The Passenger Express 41 catamaran can accommodate 400 passengers and mixed cargo of up to 20 tonnes, loaded via two ramps.