March 25, 2021

Attica Group announced the execution of a bond loan agreement with Alpha Bank of Greece and Norwegian Export Credit Insurance Organisation Eksportkreditt Norge AS, with the guarantee of the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency, for an amount of up to EUR 14.7 million.

The new bond loan will be issued by a 100% subsidiary and will finance up to 70% of the total construction and acquisition cost (pre-delivery & post-delivery finance) of three highspeed AERO Catamarans, according to the respective agreement with Brødrene Aa shipyard of Norway.

Of particular importance for the financing eligibility of the project were environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, as the intended deployment of the state-of-the-art Aero Catamarans on the routes of the Saronic islands will contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, as well as to the social and economic development of the local insular communities.