June 25, 2020

With the tourist season now commencing and the transportation of passengers to and from the Greek islands now permitted, Attica Group is using the new service ‘Restart your business with BV’ in cooperation with Bureau Veritas, in order to certify the quality and reliability that have established the Group as a provider of maritime passenger transport.

Introduced in May, “Restart your business with BV”, addresses biological risks, as posed by COVID-19 and other infections, providing procedures and measures to protect people. The new service includes a framework of standards, which after the completion of strict audits and certification, is validated through the new Bureau Veritas label ‘SAFEGUARD’, providing operators, crew and passengers with the confidence that dangers occurring from potential infections or pandemics are being addressed effectively.

10 vessels of Attica Group have now been certified by Bureau Veritas.

Mr. Spyros Paschalis, CEO of Attica Group commenting further said: ‘Attica Group is systematically implementing measures towards the protection of the health of its passengers and crews on board its vessels. Since the first day of the outbreak of COVID-19 we intensified and adapted our procedures accordingly, remaining always in close collaboration with the Health Authorities. During this process we became familiar with “Restart your Business with BV”. Bureau Veritas, after checking carefully our procedures and based on the standards it has established, concluded that they are being implemented correctly and proceeded to the issuance of certification for each vessel with the SAFEGUARD label, demonstrating that the services offered by Attica Group are effectively addressing health, sanitation and hygiene requirements.”