Attica Board approves merger with ANEK

By 27 October 20232023 Newsletter week 43
October 27, 2023

The Attica Holdings board of directors approved the merger plan with ANEK SA, absorbing the latter, at its meeting on Monday 23 October.

The shareholders of ANEK will receive 0.1217 new ordinary registered shares of ATTICA, with a nominal value of thirty MEURo cents (€0.30) each, for each one (1) old, ordinary or preference, registered share of ANEK, with a nominal value of thirty MEURo cents (€0.30) each.

ATTICA shareholders will continue to hold the same number of ATTICA ordinary shares as they held prior to the occurrence of the results of the Merger.

As a consequence of the issue of new shares to be allocated to the shareholders of ANEK in accordance with the above exchange ratio, the share capital of ATTICA will be increased by the amount of €8,207,505 through the issue of 27,358,350 new dematerialised, ordinary, registered shares with voting rights, with a nominal value of €0.30 each.