Almost two million pax for Bornholmslinjen

By 19 January 20242024 Newsletter week 03
January 19, 2024

2023 was a record year for Bornholmslinjen, with the highest number of passengers and cars ever traveling to and from Bornholm. [Danish press release]

  • Passengers: a total of 1,993,966 pax were recorded, nearly 46,000 more than the previous record year in 2022.
  • Cars: 583,943, more than 10,000 more cars than in the previous record year in 2022.
  • Trucks: 45,345, slightly fewer than the previous year due to the impact of the global economy on freight volumes to Bornholm.

Jesper Skovgaard, Molslinjen’s Commercial Director, anticipates that they will soon reach the magical two million ferry passengers to Bornholm, especially when the high-speed ferry, EXPRESS 5, is fully utilized (in 2023 the ferry was only in service in the second half of the year)

2024 will be the year when ferry capacity to Bornholm can be fully utilized. The marshalling areas in Rønne will be expanded, as they have already been in Ystad.

Photo: Bornhomslinjen

Photo: Bornhomslinjen