February 3, 2022

In 2021, Port Boulogne Calais experienced a very full year which could be
described as “extraordinary”:

  • the entry into force of Brexit and the United Kingdom’s exit from the Common Market
  • the COVID-19 health crisis
  • the arrival of a third cross-Channel company, Irish Ferries
  • the start of the DFDS roro service Calais-Sheerness (temp. suspended in January 2022)
  • the opening of the new port of Calais which marks the completion of 6 years of work on the largest port site in Europe at the start of the century

Cross-Channel activity: 
-1.0% cargo 38,199,399 tonnes
-1.4% freight 1,638,695 units
-27% passengers 2,387,757
-42% passenger vehicles 248,217