XRTC report 2022: Hellenic Coastal Shipping operational costs

August 29, 2022

A few more interesting data concerning the operational costs of the three basic players of the Greek Ferry Scene according to the recent XRTC 21st annual ferry report 2022 (in Greek).

  • Fuel cost is the major operational expense of the ferry companies. In 2021, the fuel cost was the 42% of the ferry companies’ operation cost compared to 37% in 2020
  • Total Turnover of the three major ferry companies (Attica Group, Anek Lines, Minoan Lines) increased by 20% in 2021 (EUR 565.6 million from EUR 472.3 million in 2020)
  • The domestic market (Hellenic Coastal Shipping) turnover increased in 2021 (EUR 263.32 million) compared to 2020 (EUR 218.89 million)
  • The International lines turnover is also increased in 2021 (EUR 84.59 million) compared to 2020 (EUR 71.51 million)
  • ATTICA group’s turnover presents strengthened at EUR 347.91 million in 2021, compared to EUR 290.40 million in the 2020, despite being affected throughout the year by the pandemic
  • ANEK LINES’ s turnover increased by 21% in 2021 (EUR 150 million) compared to 2020 (EUR 124.5 million)
  • Minoan Lines’ turnover is also increased by EUR 10.2 million in 2021 (EUR 67.7 million) compared to 2019 (EUR 57.4 million)
  • The loss-making Net Results before taxes of the three major ferry companies remain – for a second year- at very high levels (EUR -78 million in 2020, EUR -72 million in 2021)
  • ATTICA GROUP losses before taxes are EUR 49.37 million in 2021 against profits after taxes EUR 49.37 million in 2020
  • For ANEK LINES, the net results after taxes and minority rights amounted to a loss of EUR 40.87 million in 2021 compared to a EUR 15.1 million loss in 2020
  • For Minoan Lines the net results after taxes amounted to a loss of EUR 18.7 million in 2021 compared to a EUR 15.4 million loss in the previous year