December 18, 2020

“Will we have the right interaction between ports and ferries?”

Watch our fascinating webinar again on YouTube and hear what our experts said during our 4th online event (and more to come).

Results of the Poll Questions

Most ports are currently adequately equipped to deal with increasingly large roro ships

  • No: 72%

Governments should help ports to prepare for new fuel technologies

  • Yes: 91%

As vessel size grows, we will see an increased emphasis on hub ports and a decline of secondary ports

  • Yes: 64%

Just-in-time cargo flows are the preferred solution for industries

  • Yes: 67%

Roro ships need more standardisation of access ramps

  • Yes: 64%

Governments should invest more in ports and infrastructure

  • Yes: 91%

Intermodal helps to cope with the shortage of truckers

  • Yes: 72%