Warm reception of SMYRNA DI LEVANTE in Turkiye

By 24 October 20222022 Newsletter week 42
October 24, 2022

According to the headlines on the Turkish press, warm was the reception of the Levante Ferries’ RoPax SMYRNA DI LEVANTE at the port of Smyrna.

The press underlined that SMYRNA DI LEVANTE is “the ship of friendship” and added that “this is what the Aegean Sea deserves”.

Levante Ferries’ executives appeared fully satisfied by their ship’s first results, while the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, of the Turkish Ministry of Transport said, “that the new line is the new gateway to Europe for our exports through Thessaloniki”.

SMYRNA DI LEVANTE connected the port of Thessaloniki with Smyrna -for the first time- on October 10, 2022, and will offer three weekly evening sailings from each port.