Vittorio Morace delivered to Liberty Lines by Armon shipyard

May 17, 2024

Baleària has announced plans for the 2024 “Operación Paso del Estrecho” (OPE), scheduling 27 daily connections with 10 ships to meet the high demand. The routes will connect Algeciras, Almería, Motril, and Málaga with Tánger, Nador (Morocco), Ceuta, and Melilla. This operation will utilize nearly a third of Baleària’s fleet, comprising eight ferries and two high-speed vessels.

The service includes 15 daily connections to Morocco, with 12 from Algeciras to Tánger Med, one from Motril to Tánger Med, and two from Almería to Nador. Additionally, Baleària offers 12 connections to Ceuta and Melilla, including 10 daily services between Algeciras and Ceuta, and two connections from Málaga, Motril, and Almería to Melilla.

Baleària has tailored its services to cater to Moroccan passengers by providing Arabic and French-speaking staff, halal food, prayer rooms, and customer support in Arabic.

Source: Baleària (in Spanish)