March 26, 2020

Vincenzo Onorato has his own public Facebook page and published an emotional letter (in Italian).

“In 62 years of life, I’ve never spent a single day without a fight.”
For many months now we have fought the assault of the speculative Funds that wanted to tear us apart for mere economic interests. We have faced the attacks of competition increasingly determined to destroy our reality on the seas.
Now, a new emergency, the Coronavirus is haunting our country and the entire planet.

We are still the first sea infrastructure in the country. Each year, we transport around 8 million passengers and about 600k trucks. We employ about 5.800 people from our country.

We are suffering: our first source of income, passenger traffic, has been practically reduced to zero. We will survive with the awareness that our unity makes us strong.

My thoughts go especially to the people of our Islands, who live mainly on tourism and I am very worried about them too.
It is necessary to have Faith in our Lord, but also on our abilities and determination to come out of this.

We’ll get through this too and we’ll be stronger than before.
The country will be stronger than before, the islands will rise stronger than before.

I am on the bridge day and night.”

Vincenzo Onorato