February 24, 2022

Vincenzo Onorato’s holding company Onorato Armatori made public a statement in which he calls the Italian economic development Ministry to act as fast as possible in order to accept the debt restructuring plan proposed under the ‘concordato preventivo’ procedure.

Tirrenia in Amministrazione Straordinaria, the State-owned bad company born when the former public shipping company Tirrenia was sold to Moby in 2012, has a credit valued roughly EUR 180 million and its vote on the plan is particularly important for the positive (or negative) ending of this long-lasting story regarding Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione (Moby’s subsidiary controlling and operating Titrenia’s brand, ships and routes).

The Court of Milan postponed the meeting of creditors on 20th and 27th June 2022 respectively for Moby and CIN setting the date for 31 March 2022 as a deadline for filing, inter alia, the agreement with Tirrenia di Navigazione in Amministrazione Straordinaria which represents the main CIN creditor.