October 29, 2020

Viking Line has concluded its cooperation negotiations concerning land-based staff in Finland and Åland. Similar negotiations in Sweden were concluded in September, while negotiations with land-based staff in Estonia are expected to be completed in October.

The negotiations have involved the entire company’s land-based staff of about 570 people in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Åland. The measures have led to a reorganization, cuts, centralization and streamlining of some functions as well as changes in some people’s job descriptions in order to better meet the company’s needs. Nearly 200 people have been affected by the negotiations, and staff cuts amounts to a number of 180.

About 70 people will be offered new jobs and contracts.  In addition to the staff cuts, most of Viking Line’s land-based and shipboard staff will continue to be on part-time or full-time furlough.

As for shipboard staff, the Swedish-flagged VIKING CINDERELLA concluded negotiations in accordance with the Swedish Act on Co-Determination in the Workplace in October, with the result being a staff reduction of 76 jobs. Some of these people may be offered work in jobs that have changed. On the Estonian-flagged Viking XPRS, negotiations on staff reductions were concluded, with the result being a staff reduction of 56 jobs.