VIKING CINDERELLA to return on the Helsinki-Stockholm route

January 6, 2024

VIKING CINDERELLA will make her long-awaited comeback on the Helsinki-Stockholm route on March 8. Although the vessel has not been in Finland in nearly 20 years, she has maintained her popularity as many people ‘s favourite vessel.

In 2003, Cinderella’s red hull was painted white, and the popular vessel was reassigned to the Stockholm-Mariehamn route for 20 years, with just a few summer visits to Helsinki.

“We are just as enthusiastic as many of our passengers in being able to bring CINDERELLA back to Helsinki to serve together with GABRIELLA”, says Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Johanna Boijer-Svahnström. Read more about VIKING CINDERELLA’s rich history here.

CINDERELLA in 2003 – Photo: Kristian Bäckström – Wikipedia