July 8, 2021

June statistics 

-21.9% passengers 218,950

-22.6% cars 58,390

+4.6% cargo units 31,440 units

Q2 statistics

+10.2% passengers 427,767

+22.7% cars 125,713

+6% cargo units 91,990 units

CEO of Tallink Grupp Paavo Nõgene said: 

“The statistics of 2020 and 2021 have to be carefully considered in each of the years’ context as the pandemic situation and people’s travel habits and confidence were very different in the two years in question. In 2020, April was the toughest month with May seeing some level of easing of restrictions. For example, commuter traffic between Estonia and Finland recommenced earlier last year already in mid-May and tourism traffic recommenced in mid-June. This year, we only saw some level of re-opening of borders with Finland after 21 June, so the vast majority of the quarter has seen heavy restrictions on all routes and traffic.

“Also, consumer confidence in terms of travel was slightly higher in 2020 as most people were optimistic that the spring lock-downs had managed to put a stop to the pandemic spread and life was slowly returning to normal after the first wave. What we are seeing in 2021, however, is this confidence taking a slight knock due to the new waves of the pandemic we have experienced since autumn 2020 and also the significant confusion around travel rules as the restrictions rapidly and continuously change.

“This, thankfully, is balanced by the EU reaching at least some agreements on making travel rules more uniform across the union and also the progress made with vaccination programmes in all our home markets. I sincerely hope that the simplification of rules and greater immunity achieved in our countries as a result of vaccination roll-out, will boost traveler confidence and more people are happy to take some respite from the restrictions at least with trips to their neighbouring countries this summer.“