Thessaloniki Port Authority, H1 Results: growth in all sectors except Conventional Cargo throughput and Intermodal

By 29 September 20232023 Newsletter week 39
September 29, 2023

Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces for H1 of 2023:

  • increase in container throughput, sectors of utilization of spaces and passenger terminal
  • decrease in the sectors of conventional cargo and Intermodal,

Group consolidated turnover amounted to MEUR 41.2 (-2.6%)

Group gross profit MEUR 17.3 (-8.3%)

Company gross profit MEUR 17.3 (-9,8%)

Group EBITDA MEUR 15.1 (-9.7%)

Company EBITDA MEUR 14.4 (-16.2%)

Group profits after tax MEUR 8.4% (-12.2%)

Company profits after tax MEUR 7.7 (-24,5%)

The decrease in profitability is primarily attributed to lower volumes at the Conventional Cargo Terminal and to the recording of an impairment of MEUR 0.87 from the participation in the subsidiary ThPA Sofia EAD.