The port of Igoumenitsa becomes a pioneer in the “green” transition

By 18 November 20222022 Newsletter week 46
November 18, 2022

The port of Igoumenitsa is the first port in Greece to initiate its transformation into a zero-emission “green” port after completing the holistic energy upgrade program ALFION (Alternative Fuel Implementation in Igoumenitsa Port).

The project concerns the mapping of the existing situation and the preparation of a series of studies to minimize the environmental footprint of the port and the ships served by it, the use of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, the increase of the port’s energy efficiency as well as the use of renewable sources for the supply of energy to port activities with the ultimate goal of transforming the port into an energy hub.

The results of that project were presented at the Final Project Results Conference, which took place in Igoumenitsa, in mid-October. The Igoumenitsa Port Authority implemented the ALFION project (EUR 1,080,000.00) in collaboration with DEDDIE, the Maritime Transport Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens and the companies PROTASIS and HYDRUS, with the technical support of the GATES company.

It was financed by the CEF Fund (50%) (Connecting Europe Facility) and the Igoumenitsa Port Authority (50%).