December 18, 2020

29 January 2021 is the deadline for submitting bids for the new maritime-passenger connection between Cyprus and Greece.

The line will be subsidised by national funds. The previous line operated until 2000.

The tender was announced by the Cypriot Ministry of Shipping following the approval of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition in June 2020, which allowed the provision of national funds based on the fact that maritime passenger services between Cyprus and Greece are of General Financial Interest.

  • Subsidies: up to EUR 5 million per year.
  • Contract: 36 months
  • Starting: summer 2021.
  • Ports: Limassol or Larnaca -Piraeus (Keratsini Terminal)( possibly a stop at a Greek island of the choice of the contractor)
  • Requirements: 31 return sailings each year as follows: from May to September one return sailing weekly, from October to April a return sailing every two weeks and from November to March one return sailing per month.