Tender for the Sea Speed Ferries’ OLYMPUS

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On 26 January 2022, a tender concerns debt to the oil company Revoil. The former Japanese ferry (1976) was brought in Greece by Med Link Lines in 1998 for the Greece-Italy service. She also served for Maritime Way (2004-2006), Endeavor Lines (2006-2011) and Cretan Ferries (2012).

She was laid up at Perama when Cretan Ferries went out of business (2012). Sea Speed Lines purchased her at a tender in June 2018 for the Piraeus-Rethimnon line.

Seajets acquires another High-Speed Craft from Venezuela

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Another High-Speed Craft might be added to the Seajets’ fleet.

The ship was purchased from the Venezuelan Golden Sun Petroleum S.A. and renamed SPEED JET. She left the port of El Guamache (Isla Margarita) where she was laid up and currently is seen at the port of Tembladora (Trinidad & Tobago) flying the flag of Cyprus. SPEED JET was built in Australia (Austal) in 1996 and served for Scandlines (1996-2000), Ferrymed (2000-2002), SNAV (2002-2015) and Conferry (2015).

Her carrying capacity is for 156 cars and 650 passengers. She is a sister ship to Seajets’ POWER JET.