Valenciaport uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the flow of trucks

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Valenciaport and Nextport have developed an Artificial Intelligence tool assisted by data technology professionals, which will adjust the traffic of cargo vehicles in Valencian ports.

The tool, which is in the pilot phase, is fed by the data managed by Valenciaport and is crossed with other variables such as holidays by country or meteorology, which help to forecast the behaviour of land traffic.

This system is a competitive advantage both for terminals – which will know the workload by time slot – and for carriers – which will have a real timetable planning.

Nature restoration: Europe’s ports ask for a coherent and flexible framework to ensure port development and (re)building nature can go hand-in-hand

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ESPO very much welcomes the aim of enhancing biodiversity and preserving nature. ESPO therefore support the aims set out in the Nature Restoration Law, but believes this new proposal must act as a complement to existing EU legislation, rather than introducing another layer of complexity in nature restoration efforts. The proposal must avoid reinventing the wheel, and should provide some flexibility for ports and a level playing field on the European level.

Since ports are often located in or near different natural areas, ports strive to integrate the protection of biodiversity in all port operations, making it part of their license to operate. Ports have already demonstrated that port development and ecological transition towards better and more nature can go in hand.

As partners in realising the energy transition, Europe’s ports will need more physical space and a facilitating legislative framework to truly become hubs of renewable energies, and to be an enabler in the race to a Net-Zero Europe. Socioeconomic and strategic considerations must be viewed alongside the continued economic operations of the ports and nature restoration efforts.

Valenciaport becomes the first port in the world to operate hydrogen-powered 4×4 trucks at its terminals

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The Port of Valencia received the hydrogen-powered Terminal Tractor, one of the pilots to be tested within the framework of the European H2PORTS project.

It will be tested in real operations at the VALTE terminal of the Grimaldi Group.

The 4×4 RORO Tractor is the first hydrogen powered unit in the world and was developed by ATENA, a research and technology hub composed of Universities, Research Institutes, and Private Company mainly based in the Campania Region of Italy.

Its hydrogen storage system, made of four Type 3 cylinders (350 bar), has an overall capacity of around 12 kg, which guarantees a continuous operation of at least 6 hours before refuelling, corresponding to the average duration of a working shift.

Valenciaport approves construction and operation of new public passenger terminal

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The Port of Valencia and Baleària will invest 100 million euros in the new passenger terminal.

  • It will be developed by the company Balearia, which will incorporate the experience of Global Ports Holding (GPH) for the management of the cruises.
  • The project totals a public/private investment of EUR 99.1. The Port Authority of Valencia will invest 61.8 million and Baleària 37.3 million.
  • It will occupy an area of 100,000 m2 to serve cruise ships, regular passenger lines and ro-ro traffic.
  • The new terminal guarantees that 100% of the electrical energy necessary for its operation will be produced in the facilities themselves and will be of renewable origin and the electrification of the docks.