Cartagena Tests a Direct RoRo Service with the South of France

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Last Saturday saw the first departure of CORSICA MARINA SECONDA from Cartagena to Toulon, loaded with trucks with fruit and vegetables.

The ferry has been chartered from Corsica Ferries by a French company.

The route over land is about 1,200km. With this “motorways of the sea” drivers arrive in Toulon with their tachygraph on zero.

Frequency: weekly

Departure: Saturday 10pm

Journey: 25-28 hours

Initiative led by port authority of Cartagena, the regional government and Agencia Marítima Blázquez

Photo: Jean-Pierre Fabre


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French Prime Minister Visits Toulon

During a visit to the French port of Toulon, PM Jean Castex signed an investment which includes EUR 1.7 million for the electrification of all berths.

Pierre Mattei, CEO of Corsica Ferries, was present too.

Photo: CCIduVar (via LinkedIn)