AML’s MOROCCO SUN is Being Prepared for Morocco

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AML’s MOROCCO SUN is undergoing final preparations. The ship is expected to depart for Tanger Med next week and she will stay there. She had arrived in Perama in October 2019 for mechanical repairs and upgrades in order to reduce her smoke issues. However, due to Covid-19 she was “trapped” in Greece and lost the summer season on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tanger Med Satisfied With Efficient Operation Marhaba 2018

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  • Marhaba: the period where Moroccans living abroad visit their home country.
  • The operation started 5 June, ended 15 September.
  • 11 ferries on Tanger Med – Algeciras. Departure every 30 minute.
  • Total traffic for the Marhaba: Pax=1,741,212 / Cars=464,977 / Coaches=4,390
  • Peak period from 27 August till 2 September: Pax=295,127 / Cars=63,873 / Coaches=352.
  • Day record on 27 August: Pax=53,137 and Cars=10,510.
  • Waiting times in average: 2 hours. Peak: 18 hours.
  • General trend: less passengers than last year, more vehicles.