Third Singapore-built ferry on its way to Norway

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Sembcorp Marine delivered LEIKANGER, the last of three fully battery-operated ferries for Norled. The vessel is on its way to Europe onboard a Rolldock heavy lift vessel.

Sisters HELLA and DRAGSVIK were delivered in March and July 2022.

The ferries run on lithium-ion batteries charged by hydro-electric energy power. The vessels can also operate in hybrid mode using combined battery-diesel power as an alternative.

The zero-emission vessels are based on a proprietary design developed by Sembcorp Marine’s wholly-owned subsidiary, LMG Marin AS.

Sembcorp Marine To Build Ferries For Norled

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Sembcorp Marine has won its first design-and-construction ro-pax project comprising three identical plug-in ferries. These vessels will be built to a proprietary design from Sembcorp Marine subsidiary LMG Marin for delivery to Norled AS in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Specially tailored to Norled’s shortsea Hella-Vangsnes-Dragsvik connections in Norway, the 84.2m double-ended ferries can each carry up to 300 passengers and crew, as well as 80 cars or a combination of 10 cars and 10 trailer trucks.

The highly energy-efficient vessels will operate normally on battery power at a service speed of 10 knots. When required, they can run on combined battery-diesel hybrid backup modes.