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Government Outlines New Plans for Freeports to Turbo-Charge Post-Brexit Trade

Before the end of the year the UK will start taking bids from sea, air and rail ports in England to become Freeports by the end of 2021.

Freeports will benefit from:

  • a streamlined planning processes to aid brownfield redevelopment
  • a package of tax reliefs to help drive jobs, growth and innovation
  • simplified customs procedures and duty suspensions on goods


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Dublin Port Announces New Dwell Time Initiative To Increase Port Capacity Post-Brexit

Problem: Containers and freight trailers must move through Dublin Port lands at faster pace as growth continues with volumes up 7.0% in Q1 2019

Solution: Dublin Port Company has announced an initiative to decrease the dwell time(*) of containers and trailers at Dublin Port so as to increase the Port’s throughput capacity for future growth.

(*) Dwell time: time spent in the same position, waiting to be picked up.

Phase 1:

  • Reduce the free time period allowed for containers and trailers (from 7 to 4 days)
  • Double the daily quay charges applied after this free period.

Phase 2 etc.:

  • Objective of achieving an average dwell time of 2.0 days in container terminals in Dublin within three years.
  • Target is to achieve an average dwell times of 16 hours, before end 2021. This will require many trailers to be removed from the port to inland locations, particularly during off peak hours.