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“Short Straits to Smart Straits”

Coalition Project Unites Port of Dover and GetLink

Short Straits gateway consists of the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel (Getlink). Together they draw attention on the fact that they:

  • occupy a unique strategic location at the critical trading intersection with the UK’s main trading partner
  • provide the quickest and most frequent services, supporting just-in-time supply chains across the UK
  • handle 50% of the UK’s trade in goods with Europe

On 3 February, the coalition has proposed a new initiative to the UK Government: “Short Straits to Smart Straits”

Instead of the Governments Freeports ambitions the coalition wants to develop the world’s smartest border through a number of solutions that will help remove border frictions and create a world-leading virtual border solution for the Government’s 2025 UK Border Strategy.

The coalition also pursues the goal to pioneer the UK’s first zero emissions logistics corridors, linking with the Government’s important sustainability agenda to build back better through its Green Industrial Revolution and Maritime 2050.


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Port Of Dover Wins Espo Award 2019

13 November 2019, Port of Dover was awarded the ESPO Award 2019 in recognition of its successful strategy to reach out to the local community and to directly communicate with the port citizens. Using social media as a new way of communicating and demonstrating a high level of transparency about operational achievements, future strategies and environmental challenges and performance is becoming increasingly important for European ports who can only function and further develop if they receive the licence to operate from the local citizens.

The ESPO Award was handed out by the Director-General of DG Move Henrik Hololei (picture, right), during a ceremony at the “Albert Hall” in Brussels.

Port of Dover warns Kent could become gridlocked post-Brexit

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Queues of lorries will stretch back some 17 miles (27km) across Kent’s roads if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, the Port of Dover has claimed.
Port of Dover produced a video, explaining how efficient trucks are being processed now, and how it would turn into a disaster if even only two minutes extra would be needed post-Brexit.
The video was shown at the Conservative party conference and can be seen on YouTube.

Source: Kent News and Port of Dover