Start Of Steel Cutting For Onorato Armatori’s First New Building In China

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Onorato Armatori group announced the start of the steel cutting of the first of two new ro-pax units ordered last year to Guangzhou Shipyard International in China by Fratelli Onorato Armatori, company jointly controlled by Achille and Alessandro Onorato, sons of Vincenzo.

This first new building is set to enter service for Moby between Livorno and Olbia, Sardinia island (Olbia). She will be named MOBY FANTASY, thus reactivating a name previously used for another ferry which was sold for scrap few years ago.

The new ship is expected to be delivered in summer 2022 while the second ro-pax unit will follow the following year.

These vessels, which may be followed by further two new buildings currently in option, will be over 237 meters long and 32 wide, 67,000 GT, 550 cabins, 2,500 passengers and 3,800 lane metres ro-ro capacity.

The new ships, designed by OSK-Shiptech, will be slower compared to the most-modern vessels currently employed by Moby but more fuel efficient. With a 23.5 knot service speed and Wärtsilä 9L46F diesel-engines they will burn around 30% less fuel. The new ro-pax ships will be also fitted with hybrid exhaust gas scrubbers and will be LNG-ready.


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Onorato Armatori Announced That Newbuilt Ro-Ro ALF POLLACK Will Be Chartered By Cobelfret

Onorato Armatori of Italy, controlled by Vincenzo Onorato, head of Moby group, publicly announced that the new ro-ro ship ALF POLLAK will be chartered out to a company based in Northern Europe, instead of being deployed in the Med as previously anticipated.

The charterer will be Cobelfret’s Cldn, which offers regular connections from the European continent to the British Isles, Scandinavia and Spain.

The contract is for one year.

ALF POLLAK (capacity for 310 semi-trailers on 4,076 lane meter of garage deck) has just been delivered in bare boat charter to Onorato Armatori by the German shipbuilder Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft trough SIEM Group and is currently installing the scrubbers at Fayard shiprepair.

Onorato Armatori said in a statement that “the ro-ro market in the Mediterranean is not mature enough to receive such a big ro-ro vessel with a capacity of over 4,000 lane metres”.

What will happen with the sister vessel still under construction (photo) remains to be seen.

Moby’s chief financial officer to resign before the approval of the interim report 

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After 10 years within Onorato Armatori Group, CFO Marco Bariletti decided ‘to follow a new professional path.’ In a release issued by the Luxemburg Stock Exchange, the company says the resignation shall be effective the day before the approval of the interim report on 30 September. Why Bariletti resigns is unknown.

Highlights from the 1H report:

  • Visentini ro-pax DIMONIOS was sold to Trasmediterranea with a €10 million capital gain. 
  • Two veteran ferries have been sold: MOBY BABY (June, €0.5m) and MOBY LOVE (September, €1.0m). Both were sold to Greek Portucalence Shipping Co. 
  • Number of crossings in the Med: 18,200 (+5% 1H 2016) 
  • Number of passengers in the Med: +1% (in total: 6.5 million pax) 
  • Number of transported lane meters: +13% (in total: 7.1m lane meters) 
  • The Group reported €238,8m revenues (+10%).  
  • EBITDA was €25.2m, thanks to the 2Q 2017 results which show a recovery in sales versus 2Q 2016 coupled with the capital gain on the DIMONIOS deal. 
  • Net Secured Debt reported is € 447.1m, with €219.2 m of cash and cash equivalents (versus €114.1m as of March 31st 2017). 

Photo: MOBY LOVE in Genoa ©Mike Louagie