Sea Speed Ferries’ OLYMPUS will serve the Southern Aegean run

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After being laid up since August 2021, Seaspeed Ferries’ OLYMPUS is being reactivated for the Southern Aegean run.

Following a decision of the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, she takes over the subsidized Piraeus-Santorini-Sitia-Kasos-Karpathos-Diafani-Chalki-Rhodes, Piraeus-Heraklion-Sitia-Kasos-Karpathos-Diafani-Chalki-Rhodes and Piraeus-Santorini-Anafi lines.

The 1976-Japanese-built vessel has already undergone her dry docking at Neorion shipyars (Syros) and is currently at Spanopoulos Shipyards for the final repairs.

Ro-Pax OLYMPUS arrived at Neorion for repairs

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The “adventure” of the Sea Speed Ferries’s ro-pax OLYMPUS eventually came to an end on 14 August.

The damaged ferry has been removed from the port of Santorini by the Spanopoulos Group’s tug CHRISTOS XXVIII, which transferred her at Neorion (Syros).

The ship will be thoroughly inspected and repaired but still her future is unknown within the Greek Ferry Scene.

Photo: George Makris