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Climate and Environmental Investment in the Maritime Bridge between Kapellskär and Naantali

Ports of Stockholm has applied for an EU investment grant for a project that will meet customer demands and the needs of the future. It is also an environmental investment that would result in significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutants at the Port of Kapellskär.

New Headquarters For DFDS

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DFDS and the pension fund investor PensionDanmark signed an agreement to build a new head office for DFDS in Copenhagen.

It will be built at Marmorvej near the Copenhagen – Oslo route’s terminal.

The new headquarters will give the opportunity to gather all head-office staff and functions in the same building, and at the same time offer great and modern facilities.

The new head office will be constructed by PensionDanmark and rented by DFDS.

It will be a building offering six floors and 12,500 square meters for 700 people with offices, meeting rooms, fitness facilities, car and bike parking and a big auditorium, among other things.

DFDS plans to move in 2021.


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EUR 155 Million EIB Support For Investment In Two New Cruise Ferries By Irish Continental Group

The European Investment Bank is providing EUR 155 million to finance two new ro-pax vessels for the ICG subsidiary Irish Ferries.

The loan to Irish Continental Group represents the first support approved by the EIB under a new Green Shipping financing initiative that supports investment in new and existing ships to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.