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Incat Crowther To Build A 35m Catamaran Passenger Ferry for Samsø Rederi

The 296-pax vessel will operate between the Aarhus and the island of Samsø.

The intention of the new operation is to bolster tourism and trade between the island and the mainland.

As such, Incat Crowther was charged with developing an economically responsible solution. The vessel is optimized for high durability, low maintenance and efficient operation, whilst delivering a high level of passenger comfort and amenity.

The main deck features a large aft deck with double-decker racks for 60 bicycles. An additional 11 bikes can be stowed on the foredeck.

The vessel will be powered by a pair of MAN D2862 LE463 main engines, each producing 1029kW. She will operate at 25 knots at a modest MCR to reduce load on the engines and reduce maintenance intervals. Maximum speed will be 29.5 knots. The Incat Crowther hulls have been designed specifically for high efficiency and low fuel burn.

Incat Crowther To Design Double-Ended Ro-Pax Ferry

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Incat Crowther has announced the design of a double-ended ro-pax ferry for Sealink Travel Group – one of Australia’s largest vessel operators.
The original ferry is going to operate to Bruny Island in Tasmania.
She will be built by Richardson Devine Marine in Hobart.

Incat says the vessel is unusual for a double ended vehicle ferry:

  • it is a robust aluminium catamaran offering a very significant fuel saving when compared with a conventional steel monohull vessel.
  • the vessel is designed for the later fitment of an extra vehicle deck.