DFDS: restated comparison figures for logistics business units

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Following the completion of the acquisition of HSF Logistics Group, and consolidation of the company from 14 September 2021, the Logistics Division was, as previously announced, reorganised in two new business units: Dry Goods and Cold Chain.

The cold chain logistics activities embedded in DFDS’ three former Logistics business units – Nordic, Continent and UK & Ireland – were merged with the HSF Logistics Group to form the Cold Chain business unit. The remaining activities of the former business units are organised in Dry Goods.

Comparative figures for Q1-4 2020 and Q1-3 2021 for the new business units have been restated accordingly and are disclosed in the table below.

DFDS To Acquire 100% of HSF Logistics Group

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HSF Logistics Group is one of Europe’s leading cold chain logistics providers to meat producers and other food producers that operates temperature-controlled supply chains.

The HSF Logistics Group has revenue of DKK 2.8bn and an EBITDA of DKK 320m (before adjusting for IFRS 16). The company currently has 1,800 employees and operates around 700 trucks and 1,700 reefer trailers, including both owned and leased units.

The integration of the HSF Logistics Group is expected to generate both commercial and cost synergies as well as synergies from addition of volumes to DFDS’ transport infrastructure of ferry routes and ports. Expected synergies will be described in further detail in connection with the closing of the transaction.

DFDS acquires the HSF Logistics Group for a debt-free price of DKK 2.2bn (EUR 296m).

The acquisition is subject to approval by the European Competition Authority, expected within three months.

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