Trasmapi’s HSC Incat 045 renamed CHAMPION JET 3

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HSC CHAMPION JET 3 is the new name of the former HSC Incat 045.

Spanish Trasmapi sold her to Seajets in early August. The 86m ship is currently at the port of Vigo, flying the Cypriot flag and will be delivered to the Greek crew soon.

The ship is the third sister ship of CHAMPION JET 1 and 2. She was built in Australia (Incat, Tasmania) in 1997.

Her carrying capacity is for 670 passengers and 200 private cars. She plies at 35 knots.

Seajets has the largest high-speed fleet of the Aegean, connecting 50 islands (Cyclades and Crete) with 400 connections.

Its fleet capacity is 24,000 passengers (one of the largest in Europe) and 3,800 vehicles.

Photo: Trasmapi

Seajets purchased Trasmapi’s HSC INCAT 045

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According to the latest information, Seajets is the buyer of the Trasmapi’s HSC INCAT 045. The ship was purchased from the Spanish ferry operator in July 2021 with purpose to be introduced on the Algeciras – Tanger line. However, despite of her refurbishment, she remained inactive.

INCAT 045 will be the 18th High-Speed Craft in the Seajets fleet.

She will be delivered to her Greek owners within the next few days at Vigo.

The ship was built in Australia (Incat, Tasmania) in 1997 and she is a sister ship of HSC CHAMPION JET 1 and 2.