Fast ferry MARGARITA SALAS to be launched in autumn

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The Armon shipyard in Gijón has already built 90% of the aluminium structure for the Margarita Salas, Baleària’s second dual-engined fast ferry for passengers and cargo. The ship is scheduled to be launched this autumn and to come into operation next spring on the Barcelona-Ciutadella-Alcúdia route.

This new ship will have the same characteristics as its twin, the ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (123 metres long, 28 metres wide and the capacity to transport 1,200 passengers and 400 vehicles), but it will have a second deck with a lounge seating area at the bow and will double the surface area of the stern terrace with an outdoor bar service.

In addition, MARGARITA SALAS will be 10% more powerful than its sister ship, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Baleàrias New LNG High-Speed Craft Launched

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Baleària’s new fast ferry ELEANOR ROOSEVELT was launched on Friday 18 September at the Armon shipyard in Gijón.

This innovative ship is scheduled to begin operating in the first quarter of 2021.

Lots of focus goes to the use of LNG as fuel.

However, equally important is what Baleària has achieved in the digitization of services, with the “Smart ship” concept.

  • Passengers will be able to access by means of a QR code that they will receive via WhatsApp, with the indication of the assigned seat number
  • Internet service and WhatsApp coverage for text messages during crossing
  • Free digital entertainment platform for mobile devices
  • See the pets through webcams installed in the cages.