Brittany Ferries interested to operate the ferry services to seven islands

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A call for tenders has been issued for the DSP serving the Islands of islands of Ouessant, Molène, Sein (Finistère), Belle-Île, Groix, Houat and Hoëdic (Morbihan) in France.

The contract is for the period 2023-2029.

One of the candidates is Brittany Ferries.

The two current operators Penn ar Bed and Océane are also under consideration but the region wants one single operator.

Corsica voted for a new DSP of seven years

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The new delegation of maritime public service (“DSP”) was voted on Thursday (28 April 2022) by the majority by the Assembly of Corsica, after 7 hours of stormy debates between the territorial executive and the opposition.

The new DSP 2023-2029 will cover the connection between five Corsican ports and Marseille. Each year, during seven years, EUR 85 million will be available.

The opposition voted against or abstained, for two main reasons:

  • Repeating a 50-year-old scheme that is in favour of Marseille as continental port (longer distance from Corsica than Toulon or Nice)
  • Eight years is too long and prevents any possible start a Corsica-based ferry company.

From several sources Ferry Shipping News understands that the European Commission acknowledged the need for a subsidized service.

Next step: selecting the ferry operators.

Does Corsica need subsidies for the ferry services?

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“The current Maritime Public Service Delegation (DSP) between Corsica and Marseille expires on December 31, 2022. The European Commission’s questioning of the very existence of the public service principle puts a sword of Damocles on the territorial continuity,” writes Corse Net Infos in a long article in French, quoting several political stakeholders (but not the ferry operators).

Some interesting elements, quotes, remarks of the debate:

  • Brussels does not see the need to subsidize a service which could very well be provided by private companies. Compensation is against the rules of the market and free competition.
  • Why is what is granted to other regions, such as Croatia or Greece, becoming problematic for Corsica?
  • A decision needs to be taken soon, because the new (multi-year) DSP should start on 1 January 2023.
  • Why only having Marseille as continental port? Toulon, Nice or even Livorno are closer to Corsica. Less fuel. Better utilization of ships.
  • The need to resolve the “painful legacy of the past”.
  • What sense does it make to have ‘market tests’ if the market is changing? (which it does)
  • Corsica, today, imports 90 to 95% from France. We want a system where Corsica is economically connected with Tuscany, Sardinia and Catalonia.

New Delegation Of Corsican Public Services Prefers Freight

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The new DSP (delegation of public services) has been voted on 27 July. After a period of analysing it has been decided to organise the DSP differently.

  • It will only last for two years.
  • Instead of supporting the transport of 360,000 pax per year, the number has been dramatically reduced to 91,000.
  • Freight gets more money: up to 1.7 million lane meters will get a subsidy, instead of 1.3 million.
  • New tariffs give better advantages to the islanders: -30% if the live on the island.