Color Line’s H1 Affected by Pandemic – Strong Customer Base Is Encouraging

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Traffic volumes in H1, 2020:

  • -62% passengers 621,781 (1,634,408)
  • -4.2% freight units 85,759 (89,503)

Financial figures H1, 2020:

  • Operating revenues NOK 1,116 million (2,278) from which:
    • Revenue Cargo NOK 248 million
    • Norwegian Government compensation scheme NOK 129 million.
  • Operating loss/profit NOK -189 million (290)
  • Operating loss (EBIT) NOK -490 million (-8)


  • Adverse effects in connection with the measures imposed by the authorities in response to the coronavirus.
  • Extensive cost-cutting measures, including temporarily laying off employees (approximately 2 200 personnel).
  • Color Line suspended all passenger traffic on all its services in mid-March, with the exception of two ships operating between Norway and Denmark and a ro-ro vessel operating between Norway and Germany.
  • In mid-June, the company resumed passenger-carrying services between Norway and Denmark. At the same time, services to Germany were again permitted, with passenger embarkation in Oslo only, combined with goods traffic.


  • Color Group is expecting to report earnings that are substantially lower than last year, and results will very much be dependent on the nature of the restrictions imposed by the authorities in the coming months.

+    Strong customer base, modern tonnage, excellent track record.

Good earnings performance for Color Group in first semester 

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Driven by good customer values, cost-effective operations and low bunkers costs the Color Group has been able to come up with strong H1 results. 

 Colour Group H1 Results 2017 

  • Total number of passengers: 1,663,468 (1,670,821)  
  • Total number of 12m equivalent freight units: 89,715 (89,289) 
  • Total operating revenues of NOK 2,123 million (NOK 2,094 million). 
  • Operating expenses: status quo with NOK 1,806 million. 
  • The company is experiencing a positive trend for revenue per guest.  
  • About 70% of estimated bunkers consumption in 2017 is secured. Approximately 65% of the company’s estimated bunkers consumption for 2018, and 30% for the year after have been secured at attractive levels. 
  • Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 50 million (NOK 20 million). 
  • Profit before tax expense was NOK – 79 million (- NOK 21 million). 
  • The total result was NOK – 114 million (NOK 67 million) 

Photo: Color Line