Bluferries’ Sikania II Hybrid launched in Greece

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Bluferries, the company part of the FS Italiane Group operating in maritime transportation in the Strait of Messina, C.T.E. Perdikaris Engineering, Architectural & Technical Services Ltd., and RINA, announced the launch of the hybrid RoRo passenger ship named Sikania II. 

 “This innovative vessel is set to revolutionize passenger travel between Villa San Giovanni (Reggio Calabria) and Messina, Italy” is written in a statement from the firms involved.  

Designed by the Greek company C.T.E. Perdikaris and built in Greece by Celt under Rina surveillance, this vessel represents a significant leap forward in sustainable maritime technology. 

This vessel measures approximately 105m in length and is designed to transport 22 heavy vehicles or 125 cars and 400 persons. 

The true innovation of this vessel lies in its use of green technologies. The ship is equipped with four azimuth thrusters Z-drive, each connected directly to one diesel engine of 1,000kW and one electrical motor of 350kW. The electrical motors are connected to NMC batteries with an energy storage capacity of 1MWh. The vessel is energy-independent, featuring an advanced energy management system.  

During navigation, the batteries can be charged through the electrical motors acting as shaft generators. The stored energy is used for hybrid propulsion, combining diesel engines and electric motors to supply power to the azimuth thrusters. When approaching port, the vessel operates on fully electric propulsion for zero emissions during all maneuvering, loading, and unloading operations. Additionally, solar panels fitted on board provide 25kW of power, supplying all ship accommodation services. 

Bluferries transferred from Rfi to Mercitalia Logistics

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The ferry company Bluferries has been transferred from Rete Ferroviaria Italiana to Mercitalia Logistics, both companies part of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group (the former is the manager of the national rail infrastructure, the latter is the logistics arm for cargo rail transport).

This operation “will allow greater sea-rail-road integration with a view to developing traffic in support of the local economy. The maritime operator’s employment level, which today consists of 145 people, will be entirely maintained” is written in a statement.

Bluferries’ fleet consist of five double-ended ships deployed between Villa San Giovanni and Tremestieri ports respectively in Calabria and in Sicily for the transport of Ro-Ro units and passengers.

A new to be completed vessel, with a hybrid propulsion system and sister ship of TRINACRIA currently under construction in Greece, is scheduled to join the company’s fleet in September 2024.

Italian Company Bluferries Receives New Ferry TRINACRIA And Exercises Option For A Second Unit

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Bluferries, the Italian shipping company controlled by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and active on the two sides of the Strait of Messina, received this week the new ferry TRINACRIA (ex OKEANOS I). She has been acquired from Ocean Freedom Shipping Company and built in Greece by Perama-based Megatechnica shipyard.

As from next December this new vessel will enter into service between the ports of Messina and Villa San Giovanni.

Some particulars: 400 passengers, 150 cars or 23 trucks. Overall length 104m. Price €14.5 million.

TRINACRIA will be followed in 2020 by a sister ship due to be built by the same shipyard in Greece. Blueferries officially revealed to have exercised the option for a second vessel at the same price.

Ferrando & Massone of Genoa acted as broker of the deal.