October 25, 2018

Genoa-based T.Mariotti (together with the sister companies San Giorgio del Porto and Tecnavi) and Carrara-based Nuovi Cantieri Apuania are the two shipyards which submitted an offer to build a second ro-pax train ferry for RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana).

The ferry is to be deployed in the Strait of Messina.

8 October was the deadline for submitting offers to build a sister ship of the MESSINA delivered by Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in 2013. Starting price is €53 million and construction time 495 days.

Apart from NCA and T.Mariotti no other shipyards submitted their offers according to RFI.

A final decision will be announced as soon as all the technical and economic evaluations of both the offers will be completed.