May 2, 2019

Ferry Operations

  • In December 2018 it was decided to close the route between Gdynia and Nynäshamn as from 1 January 2019.
  • As from September 2018 all technical and manning of all vessels within the Stena Line fleet is handled within Stena Line and the previous cooperation with Northern Marine has been resolved.
  • During 2018, a number of tonnage changes have been done throughout the whole fleet to prepare for the future and adapt to the customer needs.
  • +8.7% Revenue (ferry only)

Stena RoRo

  • In 2018, Stena RoRo sold STENA CARRIER and STENA FREIGHTER.
  • In 2018, Stena RoRo exercised four options at AVIC Weihai Shipyard. The company is now managing the construction of eight RoPax vessels ordered from the shipyard in China.

Stena AB highlights (in MSEK)

  • Revenue 21,824 (22,127)
  • Operational profit -2,340 (-869)
  • Profit before tax -3,372 (-2,062)
  • Profit for year -3,124 (-2,396)