May 23, 2022

SIRI Marine is a versatile and innovative company specialized in measuring, visualizing and analyzing motions and the forces that influence them. We do this using our in-house developed MRU, data logger and software, as well as specialized third-party equipment. Siri Marine services the entire maritime and offshore industry, from heavy lift transports to salvage, oil and offshore structures. We are specialist in the field of RoRo ferries and Siri Marine has developed a  with class-approved procedures, the Siri WDL system, that will assist the master in deciding on adequate lashing procedures for each voyage. Onshore, the procedures will assist terminal management in planning personnel and reducing personnel costs. This results in safe passage, without any risk of damage to cargo, and a significant reduction in lashing costs.

We know what causes motion, what motion does, and what it can lead to. We are experts in calculating forces in relation to motion, and offer a one-stop shop for all your motion monitoring needs.