Second HSC hybrid fast ferry for Liberty Lines launched at Armon in Spain

March 29, 2024

HSC CRISTINA M, sister ship of the VITTORIO MORACE, has been launched at the Astilleros Armon shipyard in Navia, Spain, for Liberty Lines.

With a length of 39.5 meters and a capacity of 251 passengers, is the second HSC hybrid fast unit under construction.

It is equipped with two MTU-Rolls Royce hybrid engines, allowing it to operate entirely in electric mode within ports before recharging the batteries while sailing at 30 knots in open sea.

It is the second of the 12 innovative fast hybrid ships that will join the fleet by 2026 and 2027.

The delivery of the newly built VITTORIO MORACE and CRISTINA M is expected to take shape in May this year.