Saronic Ferries: Leading the transition to green shipping

By 8 December 20232023 Newsletter week 49
December 8, 2023

As part of its commitment to fully transition to zero-emission shipping by 2040, Saronic Ferries participated in a training mission to Norway with the aim of further familiarising itself with electric propulsion technologies in coastal shipping.

The 3-day visit, organised by the Embassy of Norway in Greece, took place in Norway (3-6 December) with the goal of understanding and adopting environmentally friendly technologies for short sea vessels in the Greek market.

The educational visit of the company’s representatives to Norway offered a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and practices in the electrification and hybridisation of passenger ships. Norway’s progress in this area is not only a model for business efficiency but also a beacon for environmental management in maritime industries.

Saronic Ferries, as already announced in the past, has been preparing since 2020 the study of a purely electric ferry for the transport of passengers and vehicles on the Saronic lines, which it already serves with a fleet of 5 conventional ships.

The study has already been implemented with the Dutch office C-Job and secured approval for the initial study (AiP) from the Norwegian Surveyor DNV, starting in the summer of 2023.

Photo: Saronic Ferries