October 22, 2020

Ryfylkefergen – a Battery Ferry for Full Day Operation without Charging

Norwegian shipyard Westcon in Ølen is to build a fully electric ferry for Norled.

  • Route: Stavanger – Ryfylke archipelago
  • Up to 25 ports may be visited on a day. For this reason, the ferry is designed with interface for ferry linkspans in one end and combined ferry linkspans and roro ramp in the other. Because it is impossible to equip all these ports with chargers, the charging will be done overnight. (large battery packs!)
  • Operator: Kolombus Rogaland / Norled
  • Capacity: 99 pax / 27 cars / 2 trailers
  • Length: 45.4m
  • In aluminium
  • Design: LMG Marin
  • Delivered: 2022

Earlier this year, Westcon and Norled agreed on two more newbuildings, one of which will be Norway’s first hydrogen ferry.