Project for a new ‘Adriatic Green Shipyard’ emerging in Italy

March 31, 2023

A project for a new shipyard based in Italy and active in the field of building small ferries, double-ended ferries and high-speed ships up to 150 metres length is taking shape.

All the units will be hybrid electric but in the long term the idea is to use hydrogen.

Its name is Adriatic Green Shipyard, a dedicated vehicle company has just been created and Stefano Cuppone has been appointed as CEO.

The new shipyard is going to be based in the port of Brindisi, in an area called Capobianco.

The next months will be used to raise capital (up to EUR 170 million) from venture capital, public funds from the Italian EU Next Gen plan and banks.

Starting activities on the first newbuilding is planned not before 2026 and the business plan foresee 15 units delivered before 2032.