June 27, 2019

Eckerö’s New Acquisition Started to Operate

The FINBO CARGO started service on Tuesday 25 June.

This photo (by Kalle Id) was taken during her first arrival in Vuosaari harbour, at least in commercial service. She did do a berthing test some days earlier.

She sails between Vuosaari (Finland) and Muuga (Estonia). Why Muuga and not the old city harbour in Tallinn. Rumour has it that the port of Tallinn didn’t originally want to make the necessary changes to the Muuga harbour, but the big public outrage of a cargo-oriented ferry coming to the city center made them change their mind.

And in Helsinki, of course, these days harbour fees for trucks are more expensive in the city center harbours than they are in Vuosaari, hence additional capacity in Vuosaari makes sense.