Oslofjord: less departures to create more stability

June 23, 2022

Ruter As, the joint management company for public transport in the Oslo area, will reduce the number of departures to provide passengers with a more predictable offer.

There are currently many cancelled departures which means customers are experiencing a too unstable route offer. They do not get good enough information about which ferries are running.

In this way, the company removes the uncertainty, long queues and waiting times.

The changes from 27 June mean that the departures for route B2, the ferry to Hovedøya, Gressholmen and Langøyene, will be reduced from half-hour routes to hourly routes.

The adjusted offer will primarily be served with the three new electric ferries, which all have room for 350 passengers. (OSLOFJORD series from Boreal)

The challenges are still related to the pandemic:

  • Delayed new ship deliveries
  • This affected crewing and training
  • Difficulties in recruitment