June 11, 2020

Onorato And ARS Altmann Ranked First For New Areas In The Port Of Piombino

Moby ARS New Terminal Auto Logistics (Manta Logistics), newly built joint venture between Onorato Armatori and the German shipping and logistics operator ARS Altmann, was ranked respectively first and second in two new areas set to be granted in the port of Piombino.

The project presented by Manta logistics last year was to create a new hub for the shipment of new vehicles and to build up a 300,000 m² terminal for storing cars on the north dock of the port.

Form this purpose Onorato had signed an agreement with Germany’s ARS Altmann AG, one of the leading service providers of automotive logistics in Europe, and the investment in Piombino will be around €17 million. Following the public tender, the deal between Manta Logistics and the local port authority will be formalized in the near future.