December 9, 2021

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has nominated Torghatten Nord as the winner of the competition to operate the ferry connection Bodø-Røst-Værøy-Moskenes.

The contract is valid for 15 years, from 1 October 2025 to 30 September 2040, with an option of up to one year.

There were five bidders:

  • Torghatten Nord, offer price NOK 4,979,344,000
  • Norled, offer A, offer sum NOK 6,310,051,713
  • Norled, offer B, offer sum NOK 6,459,754,728
  • Boreal Vestfjorden, offer price NOK 7,852,434,000
  • Fjord1, offer sum NOK 9,500,000,000

Once the contract is signed (before Christmas 2021), Torghatten Nord can proceed with the choice of ferries, which will be hydrogen-powered.