No use of batteries allowed on ferries in Italy

May 31, 2024

With the exception of Grimaldi’s ro-ro GG5G ships, which are testing the technology, all the other ferries equipped with battery systems onboard are not allowed to use them. Local branches of the Coast Guard in several Italian ports are not giving the green light due to a lack of dedicated rules and laws.”

This complaint was expressed by Lorenzo Matacena, CEO of Caronte & Tourist, during the Business Meeting for ferries and RoRo operators organised by Shipping Italy in Naples.

The owner highlighted the fact that today there are several companies investing in batteries (not only Caronte & Tourist but also RFI, Liberty Lines, Actv, etc.), but all the ships and HSC equipped with new technologies aimed at decarbonising maritime transport cannot reach the goal.

All the involved shipping companies asked local maritime authorities to address and resolve the matter as urgently as possible.